TFT - LCD Information and Reviews

Welcome to our information and review site for great information relating to TFT and LCD Monitors - otherwise known as "Flat Screen" monitors.

This site has been created to help explain the how and why people commonly have problems setting up TFT monitors, how the specifications will effect the display and text size and also debunk some of the misinformation commonly touted by so called "experts" who really do not understand the issues involved.

On the right, you will see selected offers or links to sites currently providing special offers of TFT or LCD monitors.  These links and offers update frequently and give some of the best offers and prices you will find on the Internet today.

We frequently feature offers from Amazon - why? - because they offer an amazing range of stock at excellent prices and many people already have Amazon accounts, making purchasing easier.  Also Amazon are a very well respected and trusted online retailer, who make browsing and buying from their on-line store quick and easy.

These is also a great deal of information and help regarding the various types of TFT monitors available - which are best suited to your application and most importantly, which may not suit your needs and should be avoided.

You may also download our  free test and diagnostic software here!  We have our own tool which saves huge amounts of time configuring analogue screens - and is an excellent quick diagnostic test for all types of monitors.

We also have a problem solving FAQ where the issues we see time and time again are detailed to save you time understanding and resolving any common issues you may have.

Finally, these is a Glossary of terms used when describing TFT and LCD monitors.  This is a short and concise description to help you debunk advertising and sales material you may come across, all in one place.