Free Test Pattern Generator Download

To use the software, it can be downloaded as a .zip file or a .exe, if your security settings allow.  For greatest security you should download the zip file and extract and save the enclosed .exe file to a local folder on your PC - or the desktop for ease of use.  Once downloaded you are free to virus scan the file before running it to ensure the download is clean.

Alternatively, the program can be run by double clicking on the file "TFT-Setup.exe" within the .zip file.  Your anti-virus program should still scan it at this point, if on-access scanning is enabled.

General Disclaimer
We can assure you that the program does not contain any spyware or virus content.  It does not attempt to make any connection to the Internet or your local Network and it does not read, create or modify any files or registry entries.

That said - any use of the software is at your own risk and as is usual with any software download, we cannot be held responsible for any problems encountered as a result of using the software or the advice on this web site, for that matter.

From time to time we may add facilities to the software and update it according to feedback from users and our own real-world experience.  New versions will be posted on this web site - however the software has no automated updating or downloading mechanism except that the URL of this site is displayed within the program - but not as an active hyperlink. 

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Direct Download links:
Zip file - - Approx 8KB Right Click and select "Save As..." to save to disk
Exe file - TFT-Setup.exe - Approx 32KB Right Click and select "Save As..." to save to disk
Current Version is V1.2, which has support for multiple monitors.