TFT Monitor Test Software

TFT Monitors Test Software allows test patterns to be displayed to help configure TFT Monitors and Highlight any problems with the configuration or the screen itself.

TFT Monitor test patternA section of one of the test patterns is shown here:

The test pattern shown is the most useful when using a monitors automatic adjustment to quickly set-up a new monitor, as well as when manually adjusting the settings.

The two rows of alternate black/white stripes should be clearly defined across the whole screen and not fuzzy, blurred or grey.

In addition the single pixel white border should be visible around all four edges of the screen, indicating the display alignment is actually pixel perfect.  If it is missing along one edge - but the display is otherwise OK, then a slight adjustment to the monitors Phase setting (not Clock!) should correct the display.

The Horizontal line test pattern should NOT be used when using the monitors auto adjustment as it provides few useful vertical edges for the monitor to use for the automatic adjustment.  Often, it will can a monitor to choose the wrong settings which may be useful for a demonstration.

The Light and Dark Colour options display colour bar charts in 5% steps from White or Black to solid colour in 5% steps.  Each of the steps should be visible on a well adjusted monitor.  The Brightness and Contrast controls should allow the colour bands to be displayed correctly.  While individual colour controls allow any imbalance between colours to be adjusted.

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