Installation Checks

Once the monitor is connected and located in its intended location, it is good practice to perform some simple checks and tests before putting it into general use.

  1. Safety.  Is the monitor safely positioned where it will not fall and damage someone or something? - Are the cables safely away from where they might be caught or tripped over? - Is the mains connection safe and properly connected?
  2. Position and height.  The monitor should be at the correct height for the normal user.  This is with the monitor adjusted such that the users eye-level is between the middle and top of the display area.  The monitor should also be located so as to minimise reflections and stray light from shining on the screen and causing difficulty using the screen comfortably.
  3. The basic setting of the display resolution, brightness and contrast should be checked, using for example out free test program designed for this purpose.  Refer to the Software pages of this web site for further information.
  4. If required, check for defects such as stuck pixels or other screen defects and check that the screen returns to the correct settings after being powered down and restarting the PC.
  5. Finally, check any warranty information is retained and completed as required, noting the date of purchase and supplier information.  Retain the monitors packaging as this is usually required in case of having to return the unit for repair or replacement under warranty.