TFT Monitor Display has border

TFT Monitor black border or part missing picture is a commonly seen issue.  In this case, the monitor has usually incorrectly identified where the edges of the picture are and the display appears shifted or offset horizontally or vertically, leaving a black border on the opposite edge.

It is important to differentiate between this and the "Picture scrolls when moving mouse" issue also detailed here - as they have different causes and resolutions.

If the picture scrolls when the mouse is moved past the edge of the visible screen area, please refer to the "Picture scrolls" information.

Otherwise, proceed as follows:

If the offset picture is seen after Windows starts - or in the BIOS set-up screens or a full screen DOS session, for example then it should be possible to use the monitors automatic and manual adjustments to get the picture correctly adjusted.  The automatic adjustment will only work properly if the picture DOES NOT have a black edge - a white border is best, as per our diagnostics program.  This may be difficult to do in a DOS window - so the manual adjustment may have to be used.

Note that DOS and BIOS screens are usually very low resolution and a perfectly sharp picture may not be achievable.  Some monitors will display a small picture in the middle of the screen, rather than trying to stretch the low resolution picture to full screen size.  These will usually display a sharp picture and can usually be adjusted to do so.

If the offset screen is shown only briefly as the system starts, then this is due to the graphics card changing its display resolution one or more times during start-up.  The monitor stores settings for a number of different resolutions internally and recalls the settings for the current resolution when it changes.  If the display adaptor only changes to the problem resolution briefly, it is unlikely that it will be possible to get the screen to auto-adjust to the correct settings, let alone manually adjust it.

In this scenario, where the offset picture is only seen briefly, it is probably best to ignore it and regard it as a quirk of TFT monitors and their technology.